Our Story

Dr. Larrian GillespieInstaFoam is the brainchild of Dr. Larrian Gillespie, a former surgeon and inventor on several patents in the field of polysaccharide and saponin chemistry. She has applied her extensive pharmaceutical background to mixology, resulting in the Flavor Reactor, InstaFoam and several innovative new products that solve the common problems faced by mixologists and chefs.

Dr. Gillespie holds certificates from the French Pastry School, Chicago and Ducasse Education, Paris, France. She has studied industrial cheese production at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, wine and cheese pairing with Max McCalman, and french artisanal cheese production and affinage with Herve and Laurent Mons in France. She is also an olive oil sommelier, having studied at ONAOO in Italy.

Dr. Gillespie is a highly sought after speaker, having lectured for American Express events, the Art of Catering Food, The Portland Cocktail Week, Golden State of Cocktails, Nightclub and Bar Show, The International Farm to Table Conference, among just a few. She has appeared on numerous television programs, including Good Morning America and CNN, where she is known for translating doctor speak into approachable terms. In addition, Dr. Gillespie is the author of 9 popular books on nutrition and health, three chapters in medical textbooks, numerous scientific publications and she has been an advisor to several health publications.