FAQ InstaFoam

What is InstaFoam?
InstaFoam is an all natural saponin, which is derived from sustainable quillaja or soap bark trees in Chile.

What does it do?
InstaFoam creates a thick, rich, frothy foam with a silky mouth-feel that works as a substitute for egg whites in cocktails. It can also be used with any carbonated beverage, such as beer or soda.

How does it work?
InstaFoam contains natural surfactants called saponins, which stabilize the water/air interface of bubbles. Without these active foam stabilizers, these bubbles would burst before a froth or foam is formed. This gives InstaFoam its unique characteristic of forming a foam that will last for hours.

Is this safe to use?
InstaFoam is very safe to use. It is listed in the GRAS ( Generally Regarded As Safe) registry of the FDA.

Is it vegan friendly?
Yes indeed. As this product comes from trees, no animal products are involved in the manufacturing. It is also non-GMO and certified Kosher.

Does InstaFoam have a taste?
InstaFoam is a highly concentrated extract of quillaja and has no taste or aroma in a cocktail when used as directed. If you taste this highly concentrated extract on your hand, however, you will detect a strong bitter taste, which can take up to an hour or more to disappear. However, when used as directed by the drop, there is no bitter taste. In fact, InstaFoam enhances the aromatics in a cocktail.

How do I use it?
In making a cocktail, first have your ingredients cold or add ice. The more sugar in the cocktail ingredients, the greater the foaming response, therefore, fewer drops of InstaFoam are needed, especially when poured from a slight height into a glass. Simple syrup works well as the sugar additive. Agitation is also important, which can be accomplished by shaking vigorously in a cocktail shaker, or using a stick wand or a blender.

Is it really true I only need two to four drops per drink?
Yes! InstaFoam is a highly concentrated natural foamer and more than a few drops can result in too much foam or overflow. You can always add a drop more if you desire a greater effect.

Where can I learn more about InstaFoam?

This brochure on InstaFoam will give you more information and you can always contact us through this site.